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Welcome to the new and improved Tradepost. You are getting a first look at our new website where you can browse our live inventory and make purchases for the first time from the comfort of your home or mobile device. Tradepost Entertainment and CD Tradepost stores are located throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa and sell New and Used Movies, Music CD’s, Video Games, Brand New Vinyl Records, Collectibles & T-shirts. We have hundreds of thousands of titles available at your fingertips at the very best prices.

The current version of our website is a labor of love and a work in progress. We have many updates planned that will continue to make our site unique and relevant compared to today's entertainment shopping options. Even over the next few weeks we will be working to improve mobile compatibility, improve search results and add more images and details to our product listings. We also really care about what you want from a Tradepost website so please help us out by providing feedback on your experience by filling out this feedback form or emailing us at

We hope you enjoy your Tradepost web experience and find something to buy on the new site and also continue to visit us regularly as we add more features

To our loyal customers, thank you and happy shopping
Travis Youngblood - CEO Tradepost Entertainment


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Whether games, movies or music, our experienced employees assist in determining what is worth keeping and letting go.

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Feel confident knowing you are getting the best value for your items. We work with you to determine the fair value of your items.

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We do our best to get you the deal that meets your needs, whether that is to get a new item, in store credit, or simply cash out.