Tradepost Entertainment
Tradepost Entertainment provides an exchange of pre-owned entertainment products. We buy quality pre-owned products from the public and resell them. The digital format of compact discs (CDs) provides the customer with excellent reproduction quality. We guarantee everything we sell to sound and play like new. Our goal is to offer these products for resale at about ½ the original retail price. Exceptions can occur in the video game department. Our entire inventory is available for searching and viewing. In the event we don't have the item you are looking for, you may click on "Wish List", fill in the form, and we will reserve the next available copy for you. You will then be notified, and we will hold it for 48 hours. We also resurface CD's, DVD's, and Game Discs for $3.00 each.
We buy music CDs, DVD's, VHS movies, video games, video game systems and accessories. We buy games, game systems, and accessories for Sony Playstation (1 & 2& 3), Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Wii, PSP systems, iPods and Microsoft X-Box as well as the 360.
We will always pay the best possible price for quality items. Factors that affect the value are the popularity of the item, the condition of the item, and the number of units we currently have in stock. Our computer system tracks our entire inventory, and accurately tells us how much to pay you.
We guarantee all products to sound and play like new. However, if you encounter a problem with any item bought from our stores, keep your original receipt, and note the point at which the item is not working properly. If an item is determined to be defective, it may be exchanged as follows:

CD's, VHS, DVD, Video Games ……………. 7 Days
Video game systems and accessories ……..30 Days

We also resurface CD's, DVD's, and Game Discs for $3.00 each.