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King Porter Stomp


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This collection pays tribute to Morton the composer, giving his melodies full respect rather than turning them into improvisational vehicles. The result is a fine exposition of the musical possibilities of solo finger style guitar playing and a worthy tribute to Jelly Roll Morton, one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth century. The thirteen solos presented in this collection cover a wide range of Mr. Jelly Lord's music, chronologically and stylistically. They were arranged by the Swedish guitarist, Lasse Johansson. Lasse displays ample proof of the viability of the transposing Morton's ideas to the guitar. Pieces like King Porter Stomp and Grandpa's Spells are good examples of Morton's expansion of the ragtime approach. Chicago Breakdown and especially Wild Man Blues were made famous by Louis Armstrong. And Dixie Knows has a folk quality, the first section evoking Alabama Bound. This is an enhanced CD and ALL the tunes have been transcribed in tab/music in the 72 page PDF booklet that is on the CD.


  1. Wild Man Blues
  2. Medley: Mint Julep/Buddy Bolden Blues/Freakish/Seattle Hunch
  3. Cannonball Blues
  4. Kansas City Stomp
  5. Dead Man Blues
  6. Mr. Jelly Lord
  7. Sidewalk Blues
  8. Midnight Momma
  9. King Porter Stomp
  10. Chicago Breakdown
  11. Dixie Knows
  12. The Jelly Roll Blues
  13. Milenburg Joys
  14. Big Foot Ham
  15. Sweet Peter
  16. Grandpa's Spells
  17. [CD-ROM Track]

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