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Reconcile The Antinomy (DIG)

Wells Valley

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Wells Valley is a Portuguese Blackened Avant-Garde Metal trio from Lisbon, formed in 2011. The bands lyrical concept deals with cosmology, hermeticism and theology. Through the years the band have played numerous shows, sharing stages with several bands such as Jucifer, Bolzer, Mantar, Weedeater, and are now ready with their new album Reconcile The Antinomy 6 tracks of relentless neck breaking avantgarde post sludge Metal , for fans of Svart Crown, Crowbar, Eye Hate God, monolithic heaviness of Doom with the sonic rawness of Black Metal and the omnipresent-ghostly-ambiences from Noise Rock.


  1. Antient
  2. Forty Days
  3. Henosis
  4. Hypostasis
  5. Paragon
  6. Pleroma

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