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Calm Waters / Rolling Swells / Various

Calm Waters / Rolling Swells / Various

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All we can say is it's about time! The Whaling City Sound label has been releasing some of the best jazz records over the last ten years, partially under the radar, yet most to great acclaim. But they haven't released a sampler of their more noteworthy tunes until now. In a single, eloquent phrase-Calm Waters, Rolling Swells, Roiling Seas-the New Bedford, Massachusetts-based imprint has articulated it's stylistic MO, which has always been broad, ambitious and consistently well-executed. Led by flagship artists Gerry Gibbs, as well as dad Terry Gibbs, Dave Liebman, and Greg Abate, and flanked by names like Jason Miles, Reggie Young, Rale Micic, and Marcus Monteiro, among others, the label has carved a notable niche for itself that embraces style, quality, and performance as it's top-tier characteristics. Take a serious look at this elite compilation not because you are drawn to a particular artist-which, of course, is a good reason on it's own-but because you are the kind of jazz fan that is insatiably curious about any and all unique slants on top-shelf expression, issued by a label that prides itself on allowing it's artists wide berth to showcase their singular talents in an ultra-personal way.

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