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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (3) HUMOR IN 2 / VARIOU

Fast Folk Musical Magazine (3) HUMOR IN 2 / VARIOU

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Fast Folk Musical Magazine continued it's second year of publication with a collection of another dozen songs. Recorded live and subtitled Humor in Song, this collection demonstrates that folk songs need not be dark and melancholy. Headlining the performances are Christine Lavin's ode to the virtues of Cold Pizza for Breakfast; the Belles of Hoboken's lament of urban living, Rags or Satin; and David Nininger's song of high school angst, Freshmen. The a cappella performance of Johnny Macaroon by David Massengill, Bob McGrath's cautionary tale of Herpes, and Sheldon Biber's poem It Was One of Those Mornings are also featured. A copy of The CooP is included with the collection.


  1. Billions of Brain Cells Ago
  2. Rags or Satin
  3. Another Rainy Thursday
  4. Cold Pizza for Breakfast
  5. Without You I'd Have Never Known
  6. Nursery Rhyme
  7. Johnny Macaroon
  8. Freshmen
  9. Goin'Down at Old Long Beach
  10. Post Orifice
  11. It Was One of Those Mornings
  12. Herpes

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