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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (1) FIRST AN 2 / VARIOU

Fast Folk Musical Magazine (1) FIRST AN 2 / VARIOU

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Fast Folk Musical Magazine began it's second year with a first anniversary celebration of song. This collection of 12 tracks features new songs by veteran folk singer Tom Paxton (Little Bitty Gun), emerging singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega (The Queen and the Soldier), and singer and The CooP editor Jack Hardy performing his protest song Porto Limon. Also on this collection is Tom Russell singing his composition St Olav's Gate, which was later popularized by Nanci Griffith, and Say It Ain't So Sam by Left Field?as politically relevant today as it was in 1983. Songs of love gone wrong (A Year Ago by Janet Macklin and Careless Hearts by Ray Lambiase) are also featured. A 24-page edition of the CooP is included with this recording.


  1. Porto Lim?n
  2. Beggarman's Pearl
  3. Little Bitty Gun
  4. Queen and the Soldier
  5. Say it Ain't so Sam
  6. Tenement Stairs
  7. Better Every Day
  8. St. Olav's Gate
  9. Jive Town
  10. Careless Hearts
  11. A Year Ago
  12. The Strong in Spirit

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