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Pumping Irony


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JC Fisher began in 2005 with a recording project of song demos written by Scott Fisher and sung by Jerry Cohen. The project melds a range of styles - rock, country, singer-songwriter-style acoustic - into an accessible brand of pop rock Americana. Many of the songs make serious observations - but no angst and anger here. Maybe a little sarcasm - but always smiling, full of word play and wit. The tunes are catchy and clever, with hooks that really stick. After a couple of years as a mainly acoustic duo, JC Fisher added two great musicians to really bring the songs to life on stage: First, Greg Moomaw joined on bass, guitar and vocals. He's also a superb songwriter who brings a rootsy, heartfelt vibe to the mix. Then came Mike Argento on lead guitar, slide guitar and lap steel to spice things up on stage. Pumping Irony, the group's first CD, offers a wry look at life. The tracks include several 'love songs,' spanning the emotional landscape of love found (If I Were You, Thankless Lane), love regained (All We Need), love lost (By the Side of the Road), love unrequited (I'm Your Dog), and even cyber love (Pixels & Dust). The CD pumps out ironic, bemused takes on such topics as BS euphemism (Say What You Mean), free speech (Fire In a Crowded Theatre), religion (Hellbent for Heaven), and fast food (Chains). Top it off with some funny psychotherapy (Mama), escapism (Gone Fishin'), and a moving tune about the innocence of childhood (Through the Eyes of a Child), and there's something for everyone here. Check out what other songwriters have said about the material: "What I love about your songs in general is that wonderful pop sensibility you have, BUT it's always got some dark edges, sarcasm, or just plain wit. Quite an achievement. This is great." "America's Graham Parker/Elvis Costello, you are. Great Americana vibe here too." "It warms my heart to see someone working outside of the 'how to write a song' norm - and just plain having fun."


  1. If I Were You
  2. All We Need
  3. By the Side of the Road
  4. I'm Your Dog
  5. Through the Eyes of a Child
  6. Say What You Mean
  7. Thankless Lane
  8. Fire in a Crowded Theater
  9. Gone Fishin'
  10. Pixels & Dust
  11. Mama
  12. Hellbent for Heaven
  13. Chains
  14. Pumping Irony

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