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Supergrass Is 10: Best Of 94-04 (CAN)


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One of the most charming British bands of the last decade, Supergrass managed to fit in everywhere but not be part of any scene. Supergrass Is 10 - The Best of 94-04 reminds us just how many catchy hits they had from their breakthrough Brit-Pop anthem 'Alright' to new single 'Kiss of Life'. In no particular order, the 21 songs here (including two new ones and an old B-side) cover catchy pop ('Alright', 'Grace', 'Sun Hits the Sky'), slick retro-rock ('Pumping on Your Stereo', 'Seen the Light', 'Going Out'), spikey punk-rock ('Caught by the Fuzz', 'Richard III', 'Lenny') and gentle acoustic numbers ('Moving', 'Late in the Day'). EMI. 2004.


  1. Caught by the Fuzz
  2. Pumping on your Stereo
  3. Alright
  4. Moving
  5. Richard III
  6. Grace
  7. Late in the Day
  8. Seen the Light
  9. Mansize Rooster
  10. Sun Hits the Sky
  11. Kiss of Life
  12. Mary
  13. Going Out
  14. Lenny
  15. Bullet
  16. It's Not Me
  17. Rush Hour Special
  18. Strange Ones
  19. Lose It
  20. Time
  21. Wait for the Sun
  22. [CD-Rom Track] [Multimedia] [Multimedia Track]

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