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Hughes / Thrall (BONUS TRACKS) (RMST) (ENG)

Hughes / Thrall

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Digitally re-mastered edition of the first collaboration between the former Deep Purple bassist & the former guitarist of Automatic Man, (post-Steve Winwood) Stomu Yamash'ta's Go and later of (post-Steve Howe) Asia. The album found a ready made audience in 1982 hard Rock circles as this project sound contemporary then, however since both protagonists overtly incorporated a "new wave edge", these special recordings still retain their freshness all these years later. Word of mouth over the years has vastly expanded it's fan base and stature. Hughes remarks, "I have lost count of the many people (and musicians!) who have put this CD at the top of their playlist. I am very proud of this project. Pat and I are an incredible team. He is a craftsman. There is a definite vibe on this gem". This edition adds 2 bonus tracks that were not available on the original album: "Still the Night" and "Love Don't Come Easy". ("Hughes/Thrall 2" is scheduled to arrive in 2007).


  1. I Got Your Number
  2. Look in Your Eye - Thrall
  3. Beg, Borrow or Steal
  4. Where Did the Time Go
  5. Muscle and Blood
  6. Hold out Your Life
  7. Who Will You Run To
  8. Coast to Coast
  9. First Step of Love
  10. Love Don't Come Easy
  11. Still the Night - Glenn Hughes

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