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Anthology - 40 Years (OGV) (POST)

Shooting Star

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"Shooting Star" is one of those '80s rock bands that never got the exposure and airplay they deserved (in my opinion.) This compilation has their biggest hits from the '80s and includes a few tracks from the '90s and beyond. "Last Chance" (the nearly seven minute hit from their eponymous debut) and "Hang On For Your Life", "Are You on My Side", "Flesh and Blood", "Breakout", and "Hollywood" (all from "Hang On For Your Life") were just some of the popular hits in my neck of the woods. Like "Kansas" (the band) they were not afraid to mix strings with electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and vocals to produce catchy songs. This two CD set is well worth the price. Please note that the Renaissance Records release of "Anthology" differs from other releases of the anthology, most notably the inclusion of "Flesh and Blood" which other reviewers have stated is missing.


  1. Are You on My Side
  2. Breakout
  3. Bring It on
  4. Burning
  5. Flesh and Blood
  6. Hang on for Your Life
  7. Heartache
  8. Heat of the Night
  9. Hollywood
  10. Last Chance
  11. Rainfall
  12. Straight Ahead
  13. Summer Sun
  14. Taken Enough
  15. Tonight
  16. Touch Me Tonight
  17. Train Rolls on
  18. Weary Eyes
  19. Where You Gonna Run
  20. You Got What I Need

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