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Nfl Gameday 2001

Playstation 2

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Sony Entertainment Nfl Gameday 2001 for the Playstation 2 NFL GameDay 2001 is officially licensed by both the NFL and PLAYERS INC. This 3-D football game features all NFL teams, players, and stadiums, including Super Bowl teams from the past. For the ultimate in realism, players are scaled to their proper size, weight, and body style. In order to reproduce realistic onscreen movement, the development team used more than 1,100 position-specific motion-captured moves from 14 NFL players. The action moves at a rapid 60 frames per second. Animations include drag-downs, shoves, gang tackles, low- and high-wrap tackles, upending tackles, across-the-body "shoestring" catches, sideline "tiptoe" catches, and one-handed catches.The general manager mode enables you to play in multiple seasons as a coach, player, or general manager. The Draft War Room feature tracks your team's weaknesses, so that you can determine your needs better on draft day. There are four playing perspectives, plus a free-floating, TV-style presentation. In addition, famed sports announcers Dick Enberg and Phil Simms are aboard to provide expert commentary. Choose from four levels of difficulty: rookie, veteran, All-Pro, and Hall of Fame. NFL GameDay 2001 supports up to eight players with Multitap. Product description When the original PlayStation launched without a Madden title, SCEA seized the opportunity to successfully launch the GameDay series. Madden returned fire the next year, and the healthy competition between the two football series has made both better. Now 989 Sports brings its popular football franchise to PlayStation 2 with NFL GameDay 2001. Obviously, the biggest change from past games in the series lies in the graphics, which have been greatly improved. The game features 1,100 position-specific tackles, jukes, spins, and stiff arms motion-captured from 13 pro NFL players. Grass and mud stains grace the players' jerseys, and photorealistic stadiums help to make for a more lifelike atmosphere.

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