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Nfl Gameday 2001


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Get the 2004 season started with team rosters featuring the latest free agent signings and draft picks. Tons of game modes include Exhibition, Season, Tournament, Practice and General Manager mode. On offense, Total Control Passing allows you to lead or underthrow receivers in any direction. On defense, Total Control Tackling allows you to take a calculated risk and go for the big hit to jar the ball loose or make the sure wrap tackle on the ball carrier.Product Description Football is war. Their season starts shortly after your Super Bowl Party ends. You can now join the march downfield with NFL GameDay 2001 for the PlayStation. Start in the Draft War Room, where you'll review your players' strengths and weaknesses on draft day. Use the game's training-camp mode to sharpen your skills and hit the playbooks. You can even create a new player in and watch his salary value rise (or fall) by how well you play. Training and general management features are fun, but the real game is on the clock, right? Well, all 31 NFL teams are represented here in NFL GameDay 2001, including more than 1,500 players scaled to their actual weight, height, and body type. There are also 200 new motion-captured moves to this series--including shoves, group tackles, drag downs, and shoestring catches--taken from more than a dozen actual pros. NFL GameDay 2001 also gives you the freedom to play as any position on the team at the touch of a button. And, one of the coolest features yet, the game is compatible with NCAA Gamebreaker 2001, allowing you to draft seniors from that title via the separately sold memory card. The GameDay series has been a mainstay on the PlayStation NFL football gaming scene since the system was launched way back in 1995. Since then, the game has grown and evolved while taking pigskin fans into the next level, so to speak. NFL GameDay 2001delivers a total NFL experience for football fans and would be a welcome addition to any library for a number of reasons. The three main features of the series have been updated nicely. The artificial intelligence of the players has been tweaked, thankfully. The graphics have also been updated, making this game look and play like a probowl linebacker heading for the quarterback on Super Bowl Sunday. Proportioned polygon players along with authentic stadiums, visible wear and tear on the field, and new player celebrations all add up to a touchdown in the graphics department for this game. The sound effects make you feel like you are in the huddle and taking part in real NFL action. Everything from the in-game commentary to the thwack! of opposing players' pads, to the stadium's chants and music--all pump up the game's fun factor. One new feature that will help first-time players is the addition of in-game help menus that walk players through specific offensive and defensive formations and teach them about the game. Another new feature that old-school players will like is the "play as any skill" mode that enables you to take control of any player, including a receiver. Once you run your route, you can actually signal the quarterback to throw you the ball! Features like these make NFL GameDay 2001 an intense NFL action game for the PlayStation. --Todd MowattPros:Great sound effects and graphics In-game help menus help teach the game to newbies Players can take control of any player on the field Cons:Players may neglect their personal lives

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