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A terrorist organization steals a top-secret virus known as Syphon Filter, and only special agent Gabe Logan can stop them and keep the world The measure of a good game, like a good movie or book, is the emotional and, sometimes, physical response it elicits. Syphon Filter will literally make your pulse race. As counterterrorist special agent Gabe Logan, you must eliminate an evil terrorist determined to unleash a deadly virus in our nation's capital. Syphon Filter features the smoothest, slickest motion capture of any PlayStation game. Gabe seems to come alive as he seamlessly connects acrobatics such as running, crouching, rolling, and hanging from pipes. As in a good action film, there's an impressive arsenal of firepower that ranges from stealthy night-vision sniper rifles to high-impact, short-range shotguns. But this game's landmark contribution is its targeting control, which enables Gabe to lock and hold on to a target while freely moving in any direction, eliminating the hassle of adjusting the viewpoint to face his enemies. There are plenty of surprises, but all the goals are evident, and your partner, Lian Xing, keeps things rolling along with radio messages of changing mission objectives. Everything in this game plays smoothly: the story line fits, the action moves at a steady clip, it just works. --Jeff YoungPros:Fluid, stylish animationUseful weaponry and contextual puzzlesExcellent level designCons:Occasional slowdown when many enemies are onscreen at the same timeNo 2-player mode Product description Syphon Filter is an Action game, developed by Eidetic and published by 989 Studios, which was released in 1999. From the Manufacturer Washington D.C. is threatened by the deployment of a biological weapon capable of killing millions. Your orders are to end the terrorist standoff through the only means available -- direct assault tactics. The action ensues with heated non-stop fun fire international intrigue and a devastating conspiracy. Review While there's something to be said for pure originality in game design, games are, more often than not, a collection of proven ideas from previous titles put together and given a new face. With one part GoldenEye, one part Metal Gear Solid, and a dash of Tomb Raider contained in its gameplay, Syphon Filter just about perfects this concept. You are cast in the role of Gabe Logan, a field agent for the mysterious Washington DC-based "Agency." Someone is releasing a deadly virus that is wiping out villages all over the Third World, and it's your mission to find out who is behind it, and, of course, stop them. The plot is interwoven with plenty of intrigue and unanswered questions but never gets bogged down, using gameplay instead of lengthy cinemas to tell much of the story. The game does use FMV in between missions, but it's usually brief. The between-mission video is rendered in a nice-looking style that is reminiscent of the square-jawed Adventures of Batman and Robin cartoon. The game takes place from a Tomb Raider-style behind-the-back perspective, making excellent use of character transparency when you get close to a wall. L1 activates a first-person targeting mode, allowing you to easily (well, if you've got a steady hand, anyway) cap bad guys in the head. This mode also lets you duck and lean, allowing you to hide behind corners, lean out, take a shot, and get out of sight before any of the masked men can draw a bead on you. When you are spotted, a small danger meter appears. The higher the meter goes, the closer the enemy is to being sighted in on you. A target meter works similarly when you use the autotargeting. If the target meter is full, you're guaranteed to hit with your shot. An empty meter means that you don't even have a clear line of sight to your target. Other moves include a directional roll, which is great for getting out of the way of enemy fire. There's no jumping in the game, which at first seems a bit strange, as does the rest of the control, but it all quickly comes into focus. One thing that could have been improved is the analog control. While t

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