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Syphon Filter Omega Strain

Playstation 2

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Create your characters, with a host of customizable options -- the character you create will be a new recruit training under Logan Stop terrorists from destroying a mall, taking out a SWAT team and carrying the injured to safety Work through puzzle elements and use strategy to think ahead, when picking up weapons -- the game challenges your mind and your reflexes Vast options for cooperative play -- multiple solo missions combined with two-person gameplay Online play with nine fantastic multiplayer levels - Lay down cover fire while your teammates go in after the terroristsProduct Description This next installment of Syphon Filter takes everything you've loved about the series to the next level. Battle through this intense, international story with four-player cooperative, peer-to-peer online play (requires PS2 Network Adapter)! Features a bevy of high-tech, lethal weaponry at your disposal, lush, detailed environments for surrounding gameplay and a deep character customization feature. Review This wildly ambitious release offers two different ways that players can work through the game. You can simply play through it as a single player, which offers up an experience that is very similar to the PSone trilogy, or you can hop online and partner with up to three additional human players for an action-packed extravganza that is quite unlike anything you've come across before. Interestingly, the content for both methods of play is virtually identical. In such, you can bounce back and forth between online and offline play with the same save data. I found this to be extremely beneficial. Of course, I'd prefer to work my way through the game with teammates, but I did find that if my friends are not logged in and the only people I can partner with give new meaning to the word "annoying," I'll play offline.Sticking to its guns, the gameplay hasn't changed too much over the years. Headshots are once again highlighted with text, the lower shoulders are used for strafing, and you still have the luxury of tapping into a handy auto targeting system for frenzied fightss. The one area where you will see significant change is in the missions. In past Syphon Filter games, you had to complete most of the objectives and be mindful of parameters to progress to the next stage. In The Omega Strain, the theory has changed to "anything goes." Usually, there is only one critical objective on each stage that must be completed to move on. The remainder of the goals (which can number close to 15 for a level) are more or less optional for the player(s). The game won't come to a screeching halt if you ignore them. You can even finish a level by disregarding all parameters (like don't shoot the good guys) and still move on. So why would you even bother messing with additional feats? Simply because the rewards that they bring couldn't be more delicious.All of your accomplishments and performances are tracked. Everything from shot accuracy to time you spend in a level are taken into consideration. Much like a role-playing game, your character will gain levels as experience is accumulated. You'll begin the game as a Field Agent and can eventually work your way through 21 additional ranks to Commander in Chief. Through extensive play, you can also earn medals, commendations from the NPCs, and Special Agency Ratings. Each one of these attainments (which number close to 100) rewards the player with a new weapon or power-up.The density of unlockable armaments that you can wrap your hands around is truly unheard of, and is reason enough for players to work their way through the game over and over again. Although Omega Strain is the same, playing solo and with a group of friends produces two completely different results. Given the gargantuan size of the levels, never before has vocal communication (via the headset) been so necessary and constant. Also, you can reach areas that are not accessible in single player with teamwork.Some of the missions are a bit ambiguous, the respawn points don't work as well as they should, and the visuals really haven't evolved too much since the previous installment, but as a whole, The Omega Strain emerges as one of the PlayStation 2's most irresistible online titles.Concept:Amusing single-player and four-player co-op mixed with traditional run-and-gun Syphon Filter gameplay and role-playing elements Graphics:This game won't win any beauty pageants. Some of the effects are decent, but the lighting, animations, and texturing lack significant detail Sound:Does a great job of forcing gamers t

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