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1-2 playersPit-Fighter features 3 playable fighters: Buzz: A big and strong ex-professional wrestler who sports a mullet. Ty: An agile kickboxing champion. Kato: A quick 3rd degree black belt. Pit-Fighter also has 8 unplayable opponents: (in order of appearance) Executioner Southside Jim C.C. Rider Angel Mad Miles Heavy Metal Chainman Eddie Masked Warrior The player begins Pit-Fighter by choosing one of the three playable characters, who all have different moves, speed, and power. Every third fight is known as a Grudge Match. In a Grudge Match, the player must fight against a CPU controlled clone of his or her fighter. The first person to get 3 "knockdowns" wins the Grudge Match. This match plays more like a bonus round, in that it doesn't have to be won for the player to continue through the game. The final battle, the "Championship Match", is between the player and the mysterious entity that taunts between matches every once in a while, the Masked Warrior. If more than one person is playing the game before this match, they must fight each other to the death until only one becomes victorious and can fight him. The player must jump, punch, and kick their opponent until his/her energy runs out. If the player presses all three of the buttons at a time, the character will perform a "super move". Sometimes during matches the player will come across foreign objects such as knives, crates, sticks, motorcycles, and bar stools that can be thrown at you or your opponent. The player may also come across a power-up known as the "power pill". If the player or the opponent grab this item, one will become temporarily stronger and take less damage from hits. Sometimes even the crowd will interfere in the fights. Two characters, known as Knife Man and Knife Woman, will come out of the crowd and stab the player with their daggers. The player can take these nuisances out with one hit.

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