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Star Wars Starfighter

Playstation 2

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Engage in challenging missions to save the Star Wars Starfighter brings Lucas Arts-quality air and space combat to the PlayStation2. It combines the action of Rogue Squadron with the plots of the X-Wing series for an engrossing gaming experience. The story, which is inspired by the motion picture Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, will have you trying to save Naboo from invasion by the treacherous Trade Federation. There are three pilots from which to choose, each of whom has a different ship: Rhys is a cocky Naboo pilot-in-training. His Naboo N-1 starfighter is quick, agile, adept at dogfighting, and armed with proton torpedoes, laser cannons, and deflector shields. Vana, a Naboo expatriate, roams the galaxy to contract her services as a gun for hire. Her ship, the Guardian, is ultrafast and equipped with stealth capabilities, sensors, tracking devices and a variety of weaponry. Nym is an alien pirate who lives a Robin Hood existence in the shadows of the Naboo system. He pilots the Havoc, a starship that's outfitted with powerful bombs, lasers, a rotating turret gun, and heavy shielding. Product description STAR WARS - PLAYSTATION 2 - GREATEST HITS - LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY PRESENTS STAR WARS STARFIGHTER - NTSC 4/C - TEEN - T - CONTENT RATED BY ESRB - LUCAS ARTS ----------------------- 2001 2002 LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT ------------------------ 1 PLAYER - MEMORY CARD (FOR PS2) 200 KB - ANALOG CONTROL - VIBRATION FUNCTION -------------------- COMPACT DISC - UPC 023272655358 - 6553501R1 - SLUS 2044GH - NTSC U//C

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