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Quake 2

Nintendo 64

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You get cartidge in mint condition, original box, and instructions, all Be all you can be: become a Space Marine, and save the world. Quake II places you in the role of a generic Marine, the sole survivor of a last-ditch assault force sent against the Strogg's mysterious alien home world. Starting your mission with only a pistol, you'll eventually scavenge much more impressive weaponry from those less fortunate squad mates who didn't quite make it. Action fans will relish the BFG's (game manual's definition is "big, uh, freakin' gun") massive room-clearing discharge, while snipers will delight in the electromagnetic railgun's precise, devastating blast. You get to use these toys on all manner of nightmarish creatures, most of them cobbled together from the remains of your former comrades. In one of the game's least pleasant scenes, you fight your way through the bloody factory that assembles the piecemeal horrors. Of course, if you're feeling a little more social, you can put off saving the world and opt for Quake II's multiplayer mode, which allows one, two, or three additional players to join in the action. There are four setups for the multiplayer mode, ranging from the standard everyone-for-themselves mode to capture the flag. This first-person shooter has great graphics and sound that match the mood and fast-paced action of the game. Moreover, each level is unique and some are very large, resulting in a lack of monotony and great replay value. If you can take the intensity of the game's unrestricted violence, you'll enjoy the rich gameplay of Quake II. --Hugh ArnoldPros:Vivid graphicsMultiplayer modesFantastic level, monster, and weapon designReplay valueCons:Extreme violenceThreadbare plotViewing toggle scrolls at high rate Product description Authentic Nintendo 64 effects and newer, fiercer levels pack stunning graphic detail into an already vicious version of Quake II! Featuring Two-, Three-, and Four-player Deathmatch, fully customizable controls and save game features, this masterpiece takes gaming to an undefined level! Eerie environments of light and shadow loom within newly designed, mission-based levels not found in the PC version. Incredible engine speed and fluidity intensify each level to a fast-paced, high-action gameplay experience! Review I really can't count how many sleepless nights the Quake series has caused me. I'd sit in front of my PC for eight to ten hours at a time, using the mouse as an extension of my body, killing as many of my fellow deathmatchers as I could find. Once the Quake II levels got boring, id Software released the Quake II point release, adding much-needed deathmatch-specific levels to the game. And on top of that, people hunched over their level editors were churning out more and more levels of varying quality every day. Add to that numerous homemade mods that brought entirely new gameplay modes (Rocket Arena 2 and JailBreak, just to name two of my favorites) to the Quake II engine, and you're looking at plenty of new, exciting experiences. The Nintendo 64 version of the game plays a competent game of Quake II. And for some - specifically those who don't have a PC powerful enough to play the original version of the game - that will be enough. But being locked into a static set of gameplay modes, maps, and models really limits the appeal of the game. It's safe to say that if you've already been playing Quake II on your computer, you really needn't bother with any more versions of the game. One nice touch about the N64 version of Quake II is that it uses new levels. There are, however, one or two levels portions that are extremely close to sections in the original. The level design is decent, though it's also a bit on the simple side. For the most part, the designs are flat, and occasionally they're symmetrical designs that don't really heighten the tension at all, since you pretty much know exactly what to expect around every turn. The mission-based nature of the single-player game works well enough, and while it adhe

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