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1 or 2 Players (Multi Tap 1-4 Players) Vibration Function Mouse Compatible Dual Shock Controller Support Incredible Engine Speed and Agility. Mission The unabashedly bloody and violent shooter that has splattered PC screens since its release has come to roost on the PlayStation. Yeah, it's awfully gratuitous. No, you shouldn't let the kids play. But darn it if this game isn't a sure-fire hit that depends on pure, visceral action. For those who haven't been shaken by this computer megahit, it's your basic cavernous hallway crawl populated by biotech alien bad guys who want nothing more than to make you expire. For your enjoyment, you are given a virtual armory of ridiculously powerful devices with which to destroy your attackers. Expect gore, and lots of it. Surprisingly, disc loading times in midlevel are short, and the movement is fluid with fast frame rates. Also, the control using the dual shock game pad is very well implemented, although for the small percentage of PlayStation owners who bought a mouse for the system, this game is compatible. In fact, Quake II makes the purchase of a mouse a worthwhile decision. Multiplayer games excel, even with tedious split screens. Rather than letting you save your progress anywhere, the game has specific saving points within each level, and enough of them so that you won't be too frustrated. --Jeff YoungPros:One of the best first-person shooters on the PlayStationVertigo-inducing realismGreat use of PlayStation controllers and optional mouseCons:Incredibly violent Review Yes, Quake II, the game PC owners have been enjoying for a long time, has finally made it to the PlayStation. Being a fan of PC first-person shooters, I was less than excited. I mean, I've already played the single-player to death on the PC, and multiplayer FPS games on a console are usually quite pathetic. The N64 version was pretty good, provided that you could look past the flaws that most fans of the PC version would notice in the first 20 seconds. The PlayStation version has many of these same flaws, but given the PlayStation's rapidly aging hardware, it's easier to overlook these flaws. While you may not remain interested in the single-player mission to see it to its completion, the four-player multiplayer in Quake II will make you glad you had picked up a multitap and three extra Dual Shocks. The storyline is your typical hostile alien sort of thing. You, as a space marine, land on the planet of Stroggos with the intention of blowing up everything in sight. Unfortunately, you get separated from the rest of the marines and are forced to go it alone. So now you must run all over this planet, collecting keys, opening doors, taking elevators, and wiping out various alien monsters before they tear you in half. To wipe out these aliens, you'll have to find weapons - your wimpy default blaster simply won't cut it. You'll find a couple shotguns, two types of machine guns, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, and two types of energy weapons - one of which is the almighty BFG, a gun that spits out a huge power ball and wipes out just about anything that gets near the blast. You'll also find a great deal of ammo, armor, and health scattered about the levels. A game like this really requires a good control scheme to succeed. Thanks to excellent use of the Dual Shock controller, it has one. In the default setup, you use the left stick to look around and the four buttons on the front of the pad to move in any of four directions. You can also configure the right analog stick so you can use it in much the same way. The R buttons handle firing and jumping, and the L buttons let you cycle through your weaponry. You can play the game on a standard controller, but trust me - you wouldn't want to. The game also supports the PlayStation mouse, but if you're already used to using a mouse to control your first-person shooters, then you probably have a PC and you've been playing the PC version of Quake II for ages, making this game mostly useless. Graphically, the PlayStation really does a decent job. The textures may look a little washed-out, a few model

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