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Rampage 2 Universal Tour


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1-2 Players (Multitap 1-3 Players) Analog Control Compatible Vibration Function Compatible 6 Characters Bonus Rampage 2: Universal Tour has smashed, trashed, and crashed its way onto the popular PlayStation system. As fans of the original coin-op classic already know, you assume the role of one of three monsters with an insatiable desire to crush various cities into oblivion. You can choose between the rambunctious rhino Boris, the larger-than-life lobster Ruby, or the charismatic rat Curtis. Each character has special moves that you can unleash upon the unsuspecting cities. After you make your selection, you can then proceed to eat helpless victims, smash tanks, and destroy solid buildings. Causing mass mayhem and destruction is not your only purpose in this game. You must also rescue your fellow monsters in crime--George, Lizzie, and Ralph (which many die-hard fans of the Rampage series will recognize from the original coin-op). To save your friends, you must first defeat the ever-approaching military and law enforcement officials that aim to protect each city. Being bad has never felt so good. --Michael ByerPros:Classic gameplay from the original Rampage remains intactSeveral new environments, including Seattle and the infamous "Area 51"Cons:Horrible guitar-driven soundtrack Product description THIS IS THE VIDEO GAME VERSION OF RAMPAGE 2 UNIVERSAL TOUR FOR PLAYSTATION. Release Date: Mar 31, 1999 What Rampage 2: Universal Tour Is About: Three more monsters have been created by a radioactive goop. Now, they want to free their friends who have been captured... more » Platform: PlayStation Rampage 2: Universal Tour Is Also Available On: Nintendo 64 Game Boy Color Genre: Action ESRB Rating: "Rampage 2: Universal Tour" is rated Teen, for Comic Mischief Rampage 2: Universal Tour Special Features: 25 levels plus 5 bonus levels in various locations, 6 characters with unique moves, 3 player co-op mode, new moves Cheats, Hints, and Tips: Extra Points: press X + R1 + L2 right before you get captured New Life: press R1 + Triangle + Square whendefeating using Rhino more » Credits: Developer: Avalanche Software Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment Distributor: Ingram Entertainment, GTI, SVG, Electro Source Other Info On Rampage 2: Universal Tour: Location: USA Support Elements: Dual Shock, Analog Control Control Elements: Gamepad, Joystick Technical Support: Review Do you remember all the fun you had playing the original Rampage? You played as Lizzy, Ralph, or George, three genetically altered monsters who had fun destroying buildings, eating people, and getting shot by the military. Rampage 2: Universal Tour takes that fondly remembered game and does absolutely nothing with it. This time, you play as one of three brand-new monsters: Boris, a super-strong but slow Rhino, Ruby, a giant fish-eating lobster, or Curtis, a huge bucktoothed rat. Your new mission is to survive the drudgery of seemingly endless levels in an attempt to free the cast of the original game - George in New York, Lizzy in Tokyo, and Ralph in London (how fitting). To rescue each monster, you must maintain your sanity through 25 levels as you meander toward the cities where the monsters are kept. Once you free all three, you're rewarded by an alien invasion. Without skipping a beat, you're back to destroying level after level, eating people, and destroying buildings to save the world. The gameplay is frustrating, to say the least. Every city looks similar, has at least one military ground vehicle, and what seems like a slew of randomly generated people, power-ups, and enemies. Helicopters shoot at you, planes drop bombs, people in buildings throw dynamite, and the infantry squeezes rounds in your direction. You climb buildings, eat people, and destroy everything in your path. Gone are some of the best moves from the original: You can't punch a building while you're climbing on the side of the one next to it; you can't punch in a downward direction as you move down a building; and you can't capture the beautiful lady and climb to the peak of y

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