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play Station video Game action / Adventure fantasy Rampage World Tour is a fun remake of the old 1980s arcade classic. You are a mutated human who has grown to colossal size by an experiment gone wrong at the highly dubious Scumlabs International. In your newly formed mutated state, you play the part of one of three Godzilla-size monsters: Lizzy the Dinosaur, Ralph the Wolfman, or George the Gorilla. Your task is to eat as many civilians and to destroy as many cities as possible while on a rampage of revenge against Scumlabs. As you travel around the world, climbing and smashing buildings, leaving destruction and carnage in your wake, the only thing standing between you and a festival of urban demolition is a paltry bunch of tanks, rocket-pack soldiers, and police cars. Even if these guys manage to take you down, they pose no real threat--the game offers unlimited replays. What makes Rampage World Tour so addictive is the fun of punching holes in buildings, downing planes with a single kick, and cannonballing though the roof of the local courthouse. In two-player mode, you can also fight other monsters, but the main fun of the game is still to be found in unrelenting destruction of high-rises, hot dog stands, hospitals, and every other kind of building imaginable. In short, the game revolves around quick-and-dirty mass carnage. The graphics are true to the original game's style while being a strong improvement over previous versions. The game interface is easy to learn, and phony news reports and the antics of Scumlabs scientists provide a humorous intermission between levels. So if you have ever wanted to grind the major landmarks of the planet under your heel and stomp out to sea, Rampage World Tour is for you. Allen StewartPros:Fun, cartoony, movie monster mayhemYou can work with or against a friendUnlimited replays keep the focus on just having fun--not on winning levelsPunch through a wall, and screaming occupants or other treats may be revealedCons:Gameplay is very repetitiveThe cities tend to look alikeVery little plot Product description Rampage World Tour RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR starts with the three main characters being mutated into large monsters. Upset by this turn of events, the monsters seek revenge on the company that is responsible. They travel throughout the world destroying everything in their path in hopes of getting the plants responsible for producing the mutating chemical. Help the monsters get their revenge in RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR. Review Rampage World Tour is a 1997 update to the 1986 arcade classic, Rampage. Not a whole lot has changed in the nine years between the two games. Sure, the graphics are better and the levels are larger, but at its core, World Tour is still the same old game. You still pick one of three monsters and blow up every building in sight. The only real difference is that this time there's a bit of a storyline attached to the madness. The game gets under way with the three characters being mutated into large monsters. Angry at the company that's producing this mutating goo, the monsters set out to destroy everything in their paths in hopes of destroying all the plants making this radioactive muck around the world. A slim story, yes, but more than enough for a game like Rampage. The graphics in Rampage World Tour are, of course, better than the original Rampage, yet they maintain the same look and feel. The game's sound (mostly explosions, air-raid sirens, and the like) also fits really well. The translation is nearly identical to the arcade version of World Tour, but without the arcade version's three-player simultaneous play The gameplay also sticks to the original, although now your monster can kick, which makes destroying buildings and ground vehicles much easier. And there are lots of new little tricks in the game, like bouncing off buildings, jumping onto planes, and more. The levels are now much bigger, and if you take too long the citizens evacuate the town. If you enjoyed Rampage in any of its

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