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Mvp Baseball 2003

Playstation 2

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This year's installment of MVP Baseball gives you more control over the game than ever before. MVP Baseball 2003 features a more intuitive pitching and batting system, picture-in-picture base-running, and an all-new throw meter in addition to new player animations, franchise mode play, and deeper gameplay. Experience a robust Franchise mode, which includes rookie drafts, player development, career-ending injuries, and hirings/firings. The game also provides expert advice from leading MLB In baseball, if a pitcher starts losing control the manager yanks him. It’s a smart thing to do because baseball tends to flow in streaks. This is why EA Sports came out to the mound and pulled the ailing Triple Playseries. Never a critical favorite, it was too arcade and not enough simulation. Triple Play just wasn't performing, and fans were beginning to notice what the other baseball sims were doing better (almost everything). So rookie MVP 2003 trots out to the mound for its day in the sun. It’s a step in the right direction. MVP looks great. The field, players, and animations are all smooth and realistic looking. Instead of placing the camera directly behind the batter in the default view, they’ve gone for a slightly tilted camera that better simulates a batter’s view of the ball screaming in. The only graphical glitch is that the batting box is too small visually. Curves don’t break correctly, change-ups don’t drop enough, and this just plain looks weird. However, the mini-diamond that shows the situation (including how much of a lead the opposing team's runners take) is just about perfect. Rather than simply demanding you keep your eye on the ball, MVP has a batting box that predicts where the ball will go. This makes hitting too easy and pitching a bit too hard. A pitcher has too little time to get the ball icon within the strike zone. Other sims do it better. The other problem is with fielding. You have decent control (they avoided World Series Baseball’s rookie error) but changing players is neither quick nor easy and the game forces your player to dive when you don’t want to. Tossing it back to base isn’t as intuitive or smooth as it should be either. You’ll get used to it but, again, other games do it much better. MVP is a strong debut but it just isn’t a contender for the Hall of Fame.--Andrew S. BubPros: Great graphics Realistic baseball action Franchise mode Cons: Pitches don’t "break" correctly Fielding system is out of whack Franchise mode lacks initial draft Product Description Features real-time scouting reports providing player ratings and attributes. From the Manufacturer Knock the dirt off your cleats in the first season of MVP Baseball 2003, a completely reengineered baseball franchise from EA Sports. MVP Baseball 2003 incorporates a new pitcher/batter interface that gives players the opportunity to be more strategic with their pitching and batting. A picture-in-picture on-base view creates a new dimension, adding strategy to base running. Realistic stadiums and highly detailed player models and animations bring the baseball action to life like never before.FeaturesPitcher/batter interface with cold and hot zones Picture-in-picture base running Home-Run Showdown mode Game IntelligenceThrow meter brings risk and reward into defensive play--hold down the throw button longer for a harder, higher-risk toss or give it a quick tap to execute a throw with less speed and more accuracy Computer opponents incorporate strategy and decision-making based on outs, score, inning, pitch count, etc. Graphics/AudioRealistic player models and animations Multiple body types, player accessories, and new head scans AuthenticityReal-time scouting reports provide player ratings and attributes Franchise mode includes rookie drafts, player development, career-ending injuries, contracts, and hirings/firings Expert advice and design input from leading MLB players: Torii Hunter, Trot Nixon, Todd Pratt, Eric Chavez, and Tim Hudson Play-by-play and color commentary by San Francisco Giants announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow

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