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Mvp Baseball 2004

Playstation 2

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Groundbreaking hitting control makes it possible to pull the ball down, or swing for the fences -- all swing types included Total control on the field - Leap over the wall and rob home runs, hook slide to avoid tags, and take out the catcher at home Pick a park - each stadium has its own personality, from unique crowd chants to personal lighting Control your franchise on every level -- play the game or become a manager & take players from the minors to the It's truly refreshing to play a sports game that feels polished and finished. MVP 2004 is a beautiful, deep baseball game. The game is full of options and more options, but the developers didn't miss an opportunity to make a nice baseball game. The game play is terrific, surprising, and right on. The actual game presentation and graphics are very good. Ballparks from major league cities and spring training facilities are all top-notch. Boston's Green Monster, San Francisco's cove, Philadelphia new PNC Park are just a few examples of a devotion to "get it right." The character animations are fluid and detailed. Pitching, base running, and fielding are easy to pick up and the controls make sense. It'll take a few games to get used to the batting, though. But after you get the hang of it, you'll be hitting homers before you know it. As for options, MLB 2004 has numerous ways you can enjoy this gem. There is the exhibition mode where you pick two teams and get after it. Rosters are accurate and attributes appear to be very fair. Season play offers varying lengths of schedules, from 14 to 162 games. Overall, EA Sports recreates all that is good about baseball and packages it in MVP 2004. The game just has the "feel" of being well-balanced and complete. I hope this game is a sign of things to come from EA's sophomore series. --Andrew S. BubPros: Great fielding and batting models Good physics and presentation Cons: Boring commentary Product Description EA takes its MVP Baseball franchise to the next level in 2004. Features realistic player models, historic ballparks and players, full EA Sports Bio compatibility, and an enhanced franchise mode. The all-new Advanced Hitting Control lets you place the bat where you want it. Control the field as you leap over the wall to rob home runs, hook slide into 3rd or barrel over the catcher at home. Manage your team—from the minors to the pros—and take your ball club to win the World Series!

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