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Nascar Rumble


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1 or 2 Players Analog Control Vibration Function 6 Racing Locales with 18 Wide Open Tracks Over 30 Nascar Drivers plus Nascar Truck DriversProduct description NASCAR Power + Arcade Action = RUMBLEExtreme NASCAR Racing NASCAR cars and stars with hotrod mods plus big air, amazing crashes, and incredible speed6 Racing Locales 18 wide open tracks from Daytona Beach to the Gold Country plus hidden courses and shortcutsMultiple Power-ups Nitro, Storm Cloud, Freeze, Twister, Sonic Boom, and moreCars and Trucks Over 30 NASCAR Cup Drivers plus NASCAR Truck Drivers, 7 NASCAR Legends, and Hidden Vehicles5 Game Modes Team mode, Locale Championships, Legend Championships, 1-on-1 Showdown, and Time TrialGreat Graphics Rich environments, rendered cars, and Highlight ReplaysHead-to-Head Competition Race with or against a friend NASCAR Rumble, simply put, is an insane racing experience like no other. Its only similarities to the actual sport of NASCAR are the cars and drivers, but that's where comparisons end.NASCAR Rumble lets you race 18 different courses in 6 locations from Daytona Beach to the Gold Country as you tear your way to the finish line. Even if you manage to find yourself in first place during the race, there is no guarantee that you're going to maintain your lead when you hit the finish line. Drivers can pick up crazy power-ups such as twisters and sonic booms, which send cars in front of them flipping off the track at the most inopportune times. Graphics are stunning, from the water, trees, and mountains to the eye-popping detail of more than 30 NASCAR Cup cars and trucks. There are even seven NASCAR Legends, hidden rides, hidden tracks, and shortcuts, as well as a head-to-head two-player mode. Purists may prefer NASCAR 2000, also from EA Sports, but in terms of action, NASCAR Rumble makes for a great trip. --Robb GuidoPros:Wild, crazy, insane racing action, especially when you play in Mayhem mode Gorgeous graphics considering the speed of this game Cons:Not as deep or realistic as NASCAR 2000 P.when('A').execute(function(A) { A.on('a:expander:toggle_description:toggle:collapse', function(data) { window.scroll(0, data.expander.$expander[0].offsetTop-100); }); }); Review Continuing EA Sports' ongoing attempts to do to other sports genres what Midway's NFL Blitz did to football, NASCAR Rumble is an over-the-top racing game more akin to San Francisco Rush and Beetle Adventure Racing than to NASCAR 2000. Like SF Rush and BA Racing, NASCAR Rumble leaves the raceway for the real world and features power-ups, shortcuts, and a broad general view of physics. The environments span town and country, day and night, but all seem to favor the South, both in location and theme. Power-ups include the standard turbo and invulnerability, and the not-so-standard storm, twister, and freeze, which obscure enemies' vision, throw them about, and lock them up, respectively. They can also be used against you too, and are often, but their effects can be avoided by simply slowing down enough. Where NASCAR Rumble really shines is in its replay value, as there's a lot to do in the game. You begin as a rookie, and you must win six championships - each made up of four laps of three courses each - before progressing to the pro ranking, and then do it again to gain the elite title. That's a lot of racing, almost too much as a rookie, since the difficulty is set a little too low to be challenging. But once you beat each championship, a local racing legend is unlocked for you to race against, and they're not called legends for nothing. If you take one on in a championship in the legend mode and manage to beat him, you can race as him from then on, or team up with him in the cyber-team setting. There's also a mystery cup composed of three random courses and the EA Cup, which spans six tracks. And you always have the option to increase or decrease the number of power-ups per championship. NASCAR Rumble also succeeds in prov

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