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Nascar 08

Playstation 3

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Race the Real Car of Tomorrow—Experience the true physics and handling of NASCAR’s newest race car through enhanced State-of-the-art Visuals and Innovative New Vehicle Telemetry Visor (VTV). Advanced Car Tuning—Master all 22 NASCAR-sanctioned tracks by modifying your car’s handling to exact specifications with more than 40 comprehensive tuning controls. All-New Career Mode and Challenging Mini-Games help you develop your racing skills through adrenaline-pumping mini-games, focused on bump drafting, spin recovery, turn apex, and more. Expanded Online Play—Prove yourself as the top NASCAR driver by challenging up to 15 other online racers at the same time. SIXAXIS Steering Control (PLAYSTATION 3 only)—Experience the control needed to run three-wide by mastering the all-new SIXAXIS steering precision controller.Take the wheel and drive your way to the championship in the most realistic NASCAR racing game yet. NASCAR 08 is the first title in the NASCAR franchise to be made available on the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system. As the new rookie driver on the circuit, develop your racing skills to gain licenses and contracts from hungry owners and unlock legendary top performing cars from NASCAR's biggest stars. Gain new experiences during every race then modify your car's handling with over 40 tuning options to truly master every track. Share your setups with NASCAR's gaming community, then challenge the field in live races with up to 16 players online. Experience tomorrow's racing today in NASCAR 08 and see if you'll be part of what's to come. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is the cover person on this edition of NASCAR 2008. Stewart, who has won two Cup Series championships in the past five years, has 29 victories in NASCAR's top series since 1999 and has never finished lower than 11th in the point standings. Think you can beat his stats?

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