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Attitude City

Ninja Sex Party

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Comedy band Ninja Sex Party has but one goal: To take your body sweetly by the hand and then rock it's face off with amazing music. The band's lead singer, Danny Sexbang, is tender yet firm, sensual yet masculine, and super horny yet not creepy about it. Danny is accompanied on keyboards by his best friend and roommate Ninja Brian, the ultimate martial arts champion/electronic music enthusiast. Together, they sing songs about love, dinosaurs, relationships, mythical creatures, seduction, and respect. You will love this band, because if you don't, it's your ass on the line.


  1. Intro (Attitude) [Explicit]
  2. Road Trip [Explicit]
  3. Attitude City [Explicit]
  4. Why I Cry [Explicit]
  5. Dubstep [Explicit]
  6. Dragon Slayer [Explicit]
  7. Party of Three [Explicit]
  8. Buttsex Goldilocks [Explicit]
  9. Samurai Abstinence Patrol [Explicit]
  10. Peppermint Creams [Explicit]
  11. Cookies! [Explicit]
  12. 6969 [Explicit]
  13. Outro (City) [Explicit]

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