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Transformers: Deluxe Edition / O.S.T. (HOL) (DLX)

Transformers: Deluxe Edition / O.S.T. (HOL) (DLX)

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Limited 180gm Vinyl LP repressing of this soundtrack to the 1986 animated film. TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE was based on the animated TV series by the same name. The film was directed by Nelson Shin, who produced the original Transformers television series, and features the voices of Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Casey Kasem, Robert Stack, Lionel Stander, John Moschitta, Jr.., Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. It also marked the final roles for both Orson Welles, who died just days after his last voice recording session for the film, and Scatman Crothers, who died months after it's release. Set to a soundtrack of synth-based incidental music and hard-driving metal music, composed by Vince DiCola, the movie has a decidedly darker tone than the television series. Stan Bush's song 'The Touch', which prominently featured in the film, was originally written for the Sylvester Stallone movie COBRA. The movie also features other well-known songs including 'Instruments of Destruction' by NRG, Stan Bush's song 'Dare', two songs by Spectre General, 'Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way', 'Hunger' as well as 'Weird Al' Yankovic's song 'Dare to Be Stupid'. The TRANSFORMERS theme song for the movie was performed by the band Lion. Symphonic Live is a DVD and live album from the English progressive rock band Yes. The concert was recorded at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on 22 November 2001, with the European Festival Orchestra conducted by Wilheilm Keitel. It was first released on DVD in 2002 and on CD in 2003 (single disc version) and 2009 (two disc version) by Eagle Rock Entertainment. Keyboardist Rick Wakeman was invited by the band to perform at this concert, but this did not happen because of scheduling conflicts. In his place on the tour was Tom Brislin. Jon Anderson - vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion Steve Howe - guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals Chris Squire - bass, backing vocals, tympani Alan White - drums, backing vocals. Here are the legendary recordings of the Rising Sons. Recorded in 1964, this seminal band fused Blues, Rock, and Country influences into a joyous celebration of music and song. Try Anything Once is the first solo album created by Alan Parsons following the split of The Alan Parsons Project. This album features vocals by Ambrosia's David Pack, Duran Duran backing singer Jacqui Copland, Former Mindbender and 10cc guitarist Eric Stewart, and Manfred Mann's Earth Band front man Chris Thompson. The album takes a different turn from the previously ethereal Project albums, and seems to continue the directional development that started with Stereotomy and Gaudi, combining rock elements ("Back Against The Wall" & "Breakaway") and mood-oriented beats ("Turn It Up" & "I'm Talking To You"), while still retaining certain elements of the classic Project albums that are unique ("Mr Time", "Wine From The Water", the instrumentals). Inspired by a general love of the tango, and more specifically the tango of Astor Piazzolla, on the part of Yo-Yo Ma, the Soul of the Tango album is a masterful work of the nuevo tango, played by Ma's cello and many of Piazzolla's former associates. Piazzolla's old guitarists Sergio and Odair Assad even showed up to work on a pair of tracks. Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing including insert. Released in 1995, 100% Fun was the fifth album by Alternative Rock musician Matthew Sweet. Matthew Sweet's guitar dominated, hook-laden power pop runs through it's 12 songs at a swift pace. Behind Sweet's bright hooks lies something darker, the self-loathing of 'Sick Of Myself' and the mental manipulation of 'We're The Same' aren't evident from the sound of the record, which obliterates any hidden meanings with it's chiming guitars and driving rhythms. 'Sick of Myself' was a big hit in 1995, placed in the Mainstream Rock Chart, Modern Rock Tracks, and The Billboard Top 100. Limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP pressing including insert. Soul Deep is an essential compilation of The Box Tops' best tracks. Hailing from 1960's Memphis, The Box Tops are best known for the hits 'The Letter', 'Cry Like a Baby' and 'Soul Deep', and are considered a major blue-eyed Soul group of the period. They performed a mixture of current Soul music songs by artists such as James & Bobby Purify and Clifford Curry, Pop tunes such as 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' by Procol Harum, and songs written by their producers, Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, and Chips Moman. Their records are prime examples of the styles made popular by Moman and Penn at American Sound Studio in Memphis. Many of their lesser known Top 40 hits, including 'Neon Rainbow', 'I Met Her in Church', and 'Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March', are considered minor classics.

Disk 1

  1. Message From A Drum
  2. Oh, Well (featuring Elton John)
  3. Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992): Libertango Tango
  4. Overture
  5. Sick of Myself
  6. Statesboro Blues
  7. The Letter
  8. The Three Of Me
  9. The Touch (Stan Bush)
  10. Niji Trance
  11. We Found Love
  12. Andante
  13. Close to the Edge
  14. If the River Was Whiskey (Divin' Duck Blues)
  15. Instruments Of Destruction (N.R.G.)
  16. Neon Rainbow
  17. Not When I Need It
  18. Turn It Up
  19. Highway to Hell (featuring Steve Vai)
  20. The Sun Never Shines On The Lonely
  21. Allegro
  22. By and By (Poor Me)
  23. Death Of Optimus Prime (Vince DiCola)
  24. Happy Times
  25. Orchestral Intro
  26. We're the Same
  27. Wine From The Water
  28. Every Breath You Take
  29. Maxsplivitz
  30. Candy Man
  31. Cry Like a Baby
  32. Dare (Stan Bush)
  33. Giving It Back
  34. Long Distance Runaround
  35. Sur: Regreso Al Amor
  36. Emotions
  37. Supermassive Black Hole (featuring Naya Rivera)
  38. 2:10 Train
  39. Don't Go
  40. Everything Changes
  41. Fields of Clover
  42. Le Grand Tango
  43. Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way (Spectre General)
  44. Jerico
  45. Technical Difficulties
  46. Astor Piazzolla: Fugata
  47. Choo Choo Train
  48. Lost My Mind
  49. Starship Trooper
  50. The Transformers® (Theme) (Lion)
  51. Clocks (featuring Lang Lang)
  52. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
  53. Come to Love
  54. Escape (Vince DiCola)
  55. Jorge Calandrelli. Astor Piazzolla: Tango Remembrances
  56. She Shot a Hole in My Soul
  57. Bang Bang (featuring Sky Ferreira)
  58. When You Got Trouble
  59. Astor Piazzolla: Mumuki
  60. Hunger (Spectre General)
  61. People Gonna Talk
  62. Walk Out
  63. Perico
  64. Voodoo People
  65. Autobot/Decepticon Battle (Vince DiCola)
  66. I Almost Forgot
  67. I Met Her in Church
  68. Tres Minutos Con La Realid Ad
  69. Candle in the Wind
  70. Fate
  71. Dare To Be Stupid ('Weird Al' Yankovic)
  72. Milonga Del Ángel
  73. Super Baby
  74. Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
  75. One Monkey
  76. Orient Express
  77. Café 1930
  78. Get Older
  79. Together
  80. Il Libro Dell'Amore (featuring Zucchero)
  81. I Must Be the Devil
  82. Smog Moon
  83. Benedictus
  84. Soul Deep
  85. I Shall Be Released
  86. (The) Happy Song
  87. Turn on a Dream
  88. I See Only Sunshine
  89. You Keep Tightening Up on Me

Disk 2

  1. And You and I
  2. Breakaway
  3. Let the Good Times Roll
  4. 44 Blues
  5. I've Seen All Good People
  6. Mr Time
  7. 11th Street Overcrossing
  8. Jigue
  9. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  10. Corrin, Corrina
  11. Roundabout
  12. Tulsa County
  13. Walkin' Down the Line

Disk 3

  1. I’m Talkin’ To You
  2. The Girl with Green Eyes
  3. Siren Song
  4. Sunny's Dream
  5. Dreamscape
  6. Spanish Lace Blues
  7. The Devil's Got My Woman
  8. Take a Giant Step

Disk 4

  1. Back Against The Wall
  2. Flyin' So High
  3. Dust My Broom
  4. Re-Jigue
  5. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  6. Oh Life (There Must Be More)
  7. Baby, What You Want Me to Do?
  8. Statesboro Blues Version 2
  9. I Got a Little

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