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Brittle Lens

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Brock Shannon comes from a family in transition from seven generations of tight rope walkers, including the Flying Wallendas and The Great Blondini, to a life outside of the circus that wasn't easy for Brock. Music was a tool of the devil in his step-fathers house. He was finally allowed to listen to the radio at the age of fourteen. Rebelliously, he picked up a guitar and started teaching himself how to get his fingers to form the chords and soon after he learned how to tune the strings as well. Brock is awakening musically transforming from singing in his bedroom to singing on the stage and the studio where he is joined by drummer/multi-instrumentalist Bryce Abood, John Bomhoff, the best lead guitarist in Kansas, who has studied jazz guitar since he was six and Hans Drachenberg on bass. The Brittle Lens has a unique Kansas sound that ambitiously mixes the styles of the biting voice of John Lennon, the melancholy lyrics of Bright Eyes, and the pop sensibilities of The Smashing Pumpkins with a dash of jazz, folk and blues. The Brittle Lens is a new band with an old motivation: the love of making music.


  1. New Orleans
  2. I Get It
  3. Old Cocaine
  4. John
  5. Break Me Down
  6. Pictures of a Former Lover
  7. Don't Come Around
  8. Cursed Life
  9. My Problem
  10. The Best Thing
  11. Contagious

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