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Dead End Gangster


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Conejo, the well known rapper has made a name for himself throughout the years. The delivery on this album is one of his finest jobs yet. No stranger to danger Conejo has been traveling from Houston, to Canada, Arizona, Colorado, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago to name a few stops on an effort to support his music career. This album has 4 bonus songs a free ringtone & free poster inside with every purchase. You can't go wrong with so much to offer from this legendary artist.


  1. Intro
  2. Were Back
  3. Evulate My Thoughts
  4. Smiling Faces
  5. One- Tone Stone
  6. Shady
  7. My Mind Just Erupted
  8. Fatal Dreams
  9. Sound Thee Alarm
  10. Winds of Death
  11. Killer of the West
  12. El Varrio Mas Chingon
  13. War
  14. Conejo
  15. Eight Million Stories
  16. Eternal
  17. Devil's Play Ground
  18. [Untitled]
  19. [Untitled]
  20. [Untitled]

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