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Wide Eyed

Junior Varsity

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"Clusters of pure rock, catchy hooks, intelligent lyrics, beautiful synth and all the melody you can handle - Absolute Punk" Chicago natives the Junio Varisty drop their newest effort WIDE EYED that will take fans into a new world they'll never want to leave. Includes bonus DVD of the Victory Show Vol. 4 featuring Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday and more!

Disk 1

  1. Get Comfortable
  2. Everyone's Got Something They're Running Out Of
  3. Mad for Medusa
  4. I'm Home, Hooray!
  5. If You Could Paint Your Own Vacation Where Would You Go?
  6. Do You Mind?
  7. When We Meet Aliens
  8. I Said I Try
  9. If It Hurts You
  10. What It Meant to Be Clean
  11. Saltwater Fountain

Disk 2

  1. [DVD]

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