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God Save The Clientele

The Clientele

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South Rock - Wichita, KS


On their third full-length, The Clientele are setting free their inner Monkees with a lovely blend of Big Star twisted power pop, Byrdsian country achin' and flashes of the Beatles at their most joyful and upbeat. The ghosts, half-light and uncertainties remain, but included in this music is a newfound optimism. With the addition of piano and violin, the band paints from a broader palette, adding splashes of pedal steel and side guitar to their already lush songs.


  1. Here Comes the Phantom
  2. I Hope I Know You
  3. Isn't Life Strange?
  4. The Dance of the Hours
  5. From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica
  6. Winter on Victoria Street
  7. The Queen of Seville
  8. These Days Nothing But Sunshine
  9. Somebody Changed
  10. No Dreams Last Night
  11. Carnival on 7th Street
  12. Bookshop Casanova
  13. The Garden at Night
  14. Dreams of Leaving

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