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Bad Books

Bad Books

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Hillside - Wichita, KS


Vinyl LP pressing. A true accident if there ever was one; Bad Books was never an intended nor calculated side project of Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull. Though the two musicians have collaborated and performed together on tour and within the Favorite Gentlemen community of artists for years now, the genesis of Bad Books came from a simple idea to fill space and time off the road by collaborating on a small batch of songs together. n contrast to previous outputs from Manchester Orchestra and Devine, Bad Books cradles a much more noticeable pop aesthetic and energy than either artist has probably ever showcased before. Nowhere is this more evident than in songs like "You Wouldn't Have To Ask" and "Holding Down the Laughter."

Disk 1

  1. Baby Shoes 3:50
  2. Holding Down The Laughter 4:04
  3. How This All Ends 3:03
  4. The Easy Mark & The Old Maid 3:37

Disk 2

  1. I Begged You Everything 4:50
  2. Mesa, AZ 3:23
  3. Please Move 3:02
  4. Texas 4:00

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