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Honkytonk University (GER)


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South Rock - Wichita, KS


Honkytonk University marks Keith's first full length studio album since 2003's acclaimed quadruple platinum Shock'N Y'All. The debut single 'Honkytonk U' is semi-autobiographical and harkens back to days spent working in a nightclub owned by his grandmother. The education he received there has obviously paid off, and 2004 might just have been his doctoral dissertation. Dreamworks. 2005.


  1. Honkytonk U
  2. As Good As I Once Was
  3. She Ain't Hooked On Me No More
  4. Big Blue Note
  5. Just The Guy To Do It
  6. She Left Me
  7. Knock Yourself Out
  8. You Ain't Leavin' (Thank God Are Ya)
  9. I Got It Bad
  10. Your Smile
  11. Where You Gonna Go
  12. You Caught Me At A Bad Time

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