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Bleed Like Me


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BLEED LIKE ME is simply smashing. from the lusty, masochistic skronk of album opener "Bad Boyfriend" to the industrial strength protest pop of "Metal Heart" to the hauntingly transgressive title track, it's everything you'd expect from one of the past decade's most acclaimed and innovative bands. Sexy, sonically ambitious, loud, emotionally fraught and catchy as can be.


  1. Bad Boyfriend
  2. Run Baby Run
  3. Right Between The Eyes
  4. Why Do You Love Me
  5. Bleed Like Me
  6. Metal Heart
  7. Sex Is Not The Enemy
  8. It's All Over But The Crying
  9. Boys Wanna Fight
  10. Why Don't You Come Over
  11. Happy Home
  12. Why Do You Love Me [CD-ROM Track][Multimedia Track]

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