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Hungary & Romania: Descendents Of Itinerant Gypsie

Hungary & Romania: Descendents Of Itinerant Gypsie

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From sadness, solitude & loneliness to sheer delight & joy, the focus of these folk recordings lies in 2 distinctive styles of song - the "loki d'ili," with it's slow tempo & rhythmic flexibility, and the "khelimaski d'ili," with it's fast tempo & rhythmic precision.


  1. Gyongyos Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  2. Gyongyos Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  3. Gyongyos Village: Meselaki Dyili
  4. Gyongyos Village: Meselaki Dyili
  5. Ketegyhaza Village; Meselaki Dyili
  6. Ketegyhaza Village: Meselaki Dyili
  7. Ketegyhaza Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  8. Ketegyhaza Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  9. Piricse Village: Meselaki Dyili
  10. Piricse Village: Meselaki Dyili
  11. Piricse Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  12. Piricse Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  13. Piricse Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  14. Piricse Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  15. Piricse Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  16. Piricse Village: Khelimaski Dyili
  17. Mezoseg Region: Csardas (Dance for Couples)
  18. Mezoseg Region: Funeral Piece
  19. Kalotaszeg Region: Men's Dance
  20. Kalotaszeg Region: Keserves
  21. Felsomarosment Region: Dance Piece
  22. Felsomarosment Region: Wedding March
  23. Csik Region: Men's Dance
  24. Csik Region: Flirtation Dance For Men And Women

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