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One Of The Guys: 1960S Teen Idols In An Alternate

One Of The Guys: 1960S Teen Idols In An Alternate

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One Of The Guys: 1960s Teen Idols In An Alternate Universe is Teensville's love letter to the pop artists that should have hit the charts. The package features 35 tracks, a 9,000+ word essay and a full color 28 page booklet jam-packed with over 60 artist pictures and full annotations. Spotlighted singers include Vinnie Monte, Rick Randell, Frank Cherval, Dean Randolph and many more.


  1. Alan Vallone ? I?m Not The Hero But The Fool
  2. Alan Vallone ? You Have No Right
  3. Arnie Corrado ? How Many Times (Will I Send You Kisses)
  4. Barry Darvell ? A King For Tonight
  5. Barry Darvell ? Where?s The Love For Me
  6. Dan Folger ? Tell Her For Me
  7. Dean Randolph ? Fair Weather Friend
  8. Dean Randolph ? This Girl
  9. Dennis Bell ? Please Don?t Tell Her You Saw Me (Alone On Saturday Night)
  10. Don Argo ? Candy Sue
  11. Frank Cherval ? How Come
  12. Frankie Calen ? Too Good To Be True
  13. Frankie Cherval ? Baby Be Good To Me
  14. Frankie Cherval ? Shake Hands With A Loser
  15. Frankie Love ? First Star
  16. Frankie Sardo ? She Taught Me How To Cry
  17. Kenny Chandler ? Wait For Me
  18. Kenny Karen ? Sixteen Years Ago Tonight
  19. Kenny Rossi ? One Night Stand
  20. Kenny Rossi ? Wait And See
  21. Mickey Denton ? Now I?m Mr. Blue
  22. Mickey Denton ? Now You Can?t Give Them Away
  23. Paul Anthony ? Hello Teardrops, Goodbye Love
  24. Pete Shrayder ? Little Miss Sorry Eyes
  25. Quantrell Rader ? I Lose More Girls That Way
  26. Rick Randell ? Dining And Dancing
  27. Rick Randell ? Stars
  28. Rick Randell ? Take My Name And Number
  29. Ritchie Adams ? Two Initials (In A Heart)
  30. Russ Damon ? Heaven Sent
  31. Tony Mitchell ? Ponchinello
  32. Vic Donna ? What Happened To My Little Girl
  33. Vinnie Monte ? It?s The End
  34. Vinnie Monte ? Joanie Don?t Be Angry
  35. Vinnie Monte ? One Of The Guys

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