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Where We Go


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Legacy introduces their first CD 'Where We Go...' Legacy has a truly unique sound with strong classical influences and orchestration mixed with piano, vocals, synthesizers, guitars, bass and drums. The songs vary from the vocal styles of Frank Hartis to the instrumentals that interlace the CD. How the music flows together was always on the producers mind, but most importantly are the songs that create that flow. Fresh new melodies and rhythms are expertly performed by Legacy. The musicians, singers and tech crew are some of the best in the industry. This CD exploits their diverse talents, training and hard work. This is a must have CD for any progressive music lovers collection. Bios and more info are comming soon.


  1. take a look at yourself
  2. choices
  3. west world/object of desire
  4. trappings/ocean of light/cosmic waltz
  5. the power
  6. time travelers
  7. no where to run/trois theme

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