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Devil Without A Cause (CLN)

Kid Rock

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Kid Rock is a name that is synonymous with the high life. We're talkin' blunt smokin' midgets, 40 ouncers, bowling alleys and old school hip hop. Born and raised in Detroit, Kid Rock put the wheels in motion by cutting a series of demos in high school that earned him an opening slot on the Boogie Down Productions tour in 1988. Ten years after his first demo tape hit the streets, Kid Rock drops his fourth full length and major label debut Devil Without A Cause. The album features a bounty of B-boy rock 'n' roll and some dope-ass Busy Bee old school rap flavas, liberally injected with a looped dose of the ol' Detroit metallic K.O.


  1. Bawitdaba
  2. Cowboy
  3. Devil Without A Cause
  4. I Am The Bullgod
  5. Roving Gangster (Rollin')
  6. Wasting Time
  7. Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old School)
  8. I Got One For Ya'
  9. Somebody's Gotta Feel This
  10. Fist Of Rage
  11. Only God Knows Why
  12. Where U At Rock

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