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Aqui Estan Los Cuatro


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It is estimated that around 1,000 rap groups exist in Cuba today, and rap and hip hop are growing in popularity there. These music forms are said to be more popular now among the young in Cuba than the traditional salsa and son, and they speak directly to the younger generation about the issues they care about. Eddy-K (pronounced "Eddy-Kah") is one of the most popular rap/reggeaton groups in Cuba right now, and they combine great singing with some of the best rap in Cuba. This group fills stadiums in their country - the buzz is out on this debut CD!


  1. Opening No.1
  2. Sabes quiLleg
  3. A mi tme enga
  4. Ellos no saben na
  5. Llorando
  6. Lleg escuela
  7. Aqustlos cuatro
  8. Contra la pared
  9. Me contaron
  10. Me estmirando
  11. No me nables de moral
  12. Dla que siga
  13. Mujeres
  14. Quieren tirarme
  15. Son celos
  16. Ven, conate
  17. Que no me vengan diciendo
  18. El genio de la lara

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