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Earth's Secret History

Skull & Bones

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The Skull and Bones from Spartacus in this Conceptual album from 2011 tries to summarize Earth hidden history at the light of some conspiracy theories that are spread over internet. 13 honest tracks, straight, made to make you think - and not forget - about this possible paths and ways crossed in the past of the mankind. The first three tracks (Explorers, Rebellion and Noah's Ark) are about the Zecharia Sitchin Anunnakis and it's role on our past, since they came in search for gold, rebelled, created mankind by genetic manipulation, and later repented. The fourth track ('The great history ever sold') is based on Kersey Graves and Acharya books, about the 16 saviors that died on the cross. 'Black Death' is about a chapter from William Bramley book 'Gods of Eden'. The sixth track is about an UFO that could have crashed in the Black Forest and the possible pact that Hitler and some occupant had made. The seventh is about Germany secret weapons - see books from Renato Vesco ('Man made Ufos'), Joseph Farrel ('Reich of the Black Sun'). 'Stolen Bomb' is about a possible German provenance of one of the bombs exploded in Japan at World War Two. 'Admiral Byrd's Expedition' is about US operation 'Highjump', a large fleet that went to Antartica... In the song is expeculated, as a Chilean newspaper wrote, about a battle between this fleet and the German lost Base in Antartica and it's high tech weapons... Hitler's nest. The tenth track is about, as the name saids, a possible forgery in the moon landing. 'Cydonia' is about a region on Planet Mars where viking probes took pictures of a face and structures like pyramids, took from above the orbit. 'Nibiru' is about the planet X or Hercolubus, or that planet with weird orbit that causes a lot of cataclisms every 25000 years. 'Anunnaki Return' expeculates about the return of our forefathers ETs - or not.


  1. Explorers
  2. Rebelion
  3. Noah's Ark
  4. The Great History Ever Sold
  5. Black Death
  6. Black Forest Covenant
  7. Secret Weapons
  8. Stolen Bomb
  9. Admiral Byrd's Expedition
  10. Fake Moon Landing
  11. Cydonia
  12. Nibiru
  13. Anunnaki Return

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