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Take Me Home-Sampler Of American Artists For Peace

Take Me Home-Sampler Of American Artists For Peace

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TAKE ME HOME - A SAMPLER OF AMERICAN ARTISTS FOR PEACE As a part of Arden's Garden Productions' ongoing efforts to wage peace, we are proud to release this compilation CD featuring tracks from 13 artists performing their own peace songs in a variety of roots styles. 100% of the net proceeds associated with this project support Veterans for Peace in their efforts to bring the troops home from Iraq now. We believe the diversity of viewpoints represented here, all expressing the need for peace, represent a true voice of people everywhere. It is our fervent hope to spread the message of peace, galvanize folks to action, and keep a steady influx of funds flowing into Veterans for Peace, all while providing you with an opportunity to hear some really great music. This is an enhanced CD - the award-winning “Take Me Home” video can be viewed on both PC and Mac. Visit cinematographer Mark Howard's website, RETAIL DISTRIBUTORS - PLEASE EMAIL FOR INFO ON BULK DISCOUNT RATES please visit these fine artist's websites: Dennis McGregor â€" Joe Paquin â€" Country Joe McDonald â€" Tired Willie - Sherry Austin â€" Joe Craven â€" Bob Brozman â€" Keith Greeninger â€" Jesse Colin Young - Lisa Atkinson â€" Scott McClatchy - Jim Stringer - Geoffrey Rutledge â€"


  1. Dennis McGregor - Caught in Your War
  2. Joe Paquin - Pray for Peace
  3. Country Joe McDonald - Support the Troops
  4. Tired Willie - War No More
  5. Sherry Austin - Don't Lie to Me
  6. Joe Craven - Setting Son
  7. Bob Brozman - Sans Humanité
  8. Keith Greeninger - Arsenal of Doves
  9. Jesse Colin Young - The Peace Song
  10. Lisa Atkinson - You Can Dance
  11. Scott McClatchy - A Little Irish Grace
  12. Jim Stringer - The Last War
  13. Geoffrey Rutledge - Take Me Home

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