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Recorded at UCB Franklin in Los Angeles, Bamford?s latest album ?20%? reveals how she?s coping with married life, getting older, being bi-polar, and the many strange encounters she had during and after her nervous breakdown. Throughout, Bamford mines her darkest moments for humor with unbridled honesty and brings a range of colorful characters ? some familiar, some new ? to life. []


  1. 20%
  2. Ceramic Dog Bank
  3. Dog Consequences
  4. Emotional Sudoku
  5. Frat Neighbors
  6. Going Mental
  7. Horrible Secrets
  8. I Love You, OK?
  9. Lower Property Values
  10. Role Playing
  11. Showing Up
  12. Soundscapes
  13. Team Work
  14. Violently Positive
  15. War Horse
  16. What I Do

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