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Original Album Series (BOX) (UK)


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Five CD box set containing a quintet of original albums from the R&B vocalist: Chaka, Chaka Khan (Out-of-Print in the US), I Feel For You, Naughty (Out-of-print in the US) and What Cha' Gonna Do For Me (Out-of-Print in the US). Warner. 2010.


  1. I'm Every Woman
  2. Love Has Fallen On Me
  3. Roll Me Through The Rushes
  4. Sleep On It
  5. Life Is A Dance
  6. We Got The Love
  7. Some Love
  8. Woman In A Man's World, A
  9. Message In The Middle Of The Bottom
  10. I Was Made To Love Him
  11. Clouds
  12. Get Ready Get Set
  13. Move Me No Mountain
  14. Nothing's Gonna Take You Away
  15. So Naughty
  16. Too Much Love
  17. All Night's All Right
  18. What You Did
  19. Papillon
  20. Our Love's In Danger
  21. We Can Work It Out
  22. What'cha Gonna Do For Me
  23. I Know You I Live You
  24. Any Old Sunday
  25. We Got Each Other
  26. And The Melody Lingers On (Night In Tunisia)
  27. Night Moods
  28. Heed The Warning
  29. Father He Said
  30. Fate
  31. I Know You I Live You
  32. Tearin' It Up
  33. Slow Dancin'
  34. Best In The West
  35. Got To Be There
  36. Be Bop Medley
  37. Twisted
  38. So Not To Worry
  39. Pass It On (A Sure Thing)
  40. Papillon
  41. Our Love's In Danger
  42. This Is My Night
  43. Stronger Than Before
  44. My Love Is Alive
  45. Eye To Eye
  46. La Flamme
  47. I Feel For You
  48. Hold Her
  49. Through The Fire
  50. Caught In The Act
  51. Chinatown
  52. I Know You I Love You

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