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The Two are pleased to present their debut album _estranged_. Other than the first two tracks, 'Nine to Midnight' and 'Sister Faith' which present issues of good and evil, the album is loosely based around the concept of an extended adolescence. The songs convey thoughts and feelings of a person who does not have the safety and security of living as part of a family unit, and who struggles to form and retain meaningful relationships. In writing the music, sometimes rich and full, and other times sparse we, The Two, have labored to provide appropriate soundscapes for the underlying theme of each song. Song themes include those that are flights of fancy and themes that are bold and honest expressions of emotions ranging from absolute fury to mature, resigned love. We hope you will enjoy our debut effort and thank you for your interest. --The Two.


  1. Nine to Midnight
  2. Sister Faith
  3. Man of Letters
  4. Estranged
  5. Bereft
  6. Feeding Frenzy
  7. Siren's Song
  8. God's Studio
  9. Another Time
  10. The Clown Song
  11. A Whole Lot of Nothing
  12. Masterpiece

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