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Silent & Listen

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'Catchy' - For a band, is it the descriptor of doom, or actually a compliment? Does it mean the song writing is concise and interesting, or simply derivative and too familiar? Well, in any event, with Silent and Listen, they hope you won't care. This is a song band, first and foremost. Nathan Woody (vocals/guitar) has been dabbling with some of these songs for three years. Call them guilty pleasures, but the ideas somehow seemed too anthemic and pop for his former band, which tended to lean a little more garage. So, when that band disbanded in December 2007, it was time to find a rhythm section and record a few of the ideas to see if they could work. Nathan turned to Craigslist. Marlon Rhine (drummer) was finishing up his most recent band and looking to branch out. His ad looked interesting, so Nathan emailed him. Marlon rocked. After only a couple of rehearsals, there was enough promise that they hit Joel Mullis' Fatback Studios and recorded three songs. Those songs were good enough that they decided to find a bass player. Marlon went on an insanely long road trip and Nathan headed back to Craigslist where he found Philip. While not the gospel style he was playing at the time, Philip Mallory (bass) nonetheless made an instant fit. Marlon came home and a devastating rhythm section came to be. A few shows were played, and surprisingly well received. Even the 'bad' gigs. People stuck around. They tapped their feet. So, more songs were recorded. Now they've got their first full length album. As it stands they'll probably play some more shows. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's all pretty standard. Kind of like the songs, admittedly. But no sweat if you want to call them 'catchy'. Go ahead. That's the point, people.


  1. My Mistake
  2. Fall on Cue
  3. Gold Leaves Falling
  4. Hours
  5. Along the Way
  6. Chunky
  7. Fail
  8. The Tables
  9. Good Ideas
  10. Glitter
  11. Pindrops on a Placid Lake

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