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Untapped Blues Festival:2004 Live / Various

Untapped Blues Festival:2004 Live / Various

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This CD is a compilation of some of the best performances from the 2004 Untapped Blues Festival. The Untapped Blues Festival is one of the best one day blues festivals in the north west and never fails to delight and surprise us with the quality and variety of talent that is presented each year. Long John Hunter: The Border-Town Bluesman from El Paso, Texas was born in Louisiana and spent most of his professional career crossing the Mexican border to the club where he was viewed as a blues hero. At the raucous Lobby Bar in Juarez Mexico, Long John Hunter was known for his high-energy performances that included antics such as swinging from the rafters with one hand while continuing to play the guitar with the other. These types of performances have become legendary and have made Hunter one of the most in-demand blues performers on the club and festival circuit today. Long John Hunter was 73 years old when this recording was made. Terry Evans: The surprise of the festival Terry Evans and his band came up from California and we all got down with his brand of serious southern delta blues. Evans has managed to blend in his own flavor with a sold dose of soul. Quiet and reserved back stage he blew us all away with his amazing enegy and vocal power. Paul DeLay: When he headlined the inaugural UnTapped Blues Festival in 1997 Paul DeLay opened the door to a brand new world for all those who were in attendance. Those newly formed fans of the blues can thank DeLay, and all those to follow, for making it the event it is today. Since then Paul DeLay and his band have become world touring artists. His name is synonymous with the best of the blues. Nominated for a handy award for Best Instrumentalist (Harmonica) Paul DeLay is considered a master of the chromatic harp. Linda Hornbuckle: 'She's got it all.' That is really all there is to say about Linda Hornbuckle. The soulful blues of Linda Hornbuckle has been nationally recognized by being nominated for a grammy award. You will feel the groove on this recording as she sings her own blend of rhythm and blues with a good dash of gospel. Backed by the funkiest band in the north west. JunkYard Jane: The core of Junkyard Jane, Leanne Trevalyan and Billy Stoops returned from Kentucky for this long over due performance. Together with Sax/Harmonica player Jim King they opened the show in 2004. They too have their 'moment on Beal Street' as a finalist in the International Blues Challenge, Junkyard Jane became one of the seven 'Best New Bands in the U.S.A.'


  1. Try Matty's - Linda Hornbuckle
  2. Rooftop Tomcat - Terry Evans
  3. Look What You've Done - Paul deLay
  4. Summertime Siren - Junkyard Jane
  5. Let's Set The Time - Long John Hunter
  6. Don't Let The Green Grass Fool Ya - Terry Evans
  7. Cheatin' In The Next Room - Linda Hornbuckle
  8. Nice And Strong - Paul deLay
  9. Swoon And Sigh - Junkyard Jane
  10. Honey Boy - Terry Evans
  11. The Walk - Long John Hunter
  12. Hound Dog - Linda Hornbuckle

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