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Favourite Ballads Of Yesteryear / Various

Favourite Ballads Of Yesteryear / Various

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1:1 - The Floral Dance<br/>1:2 - I Hear You Calling Me<br/>1:3 - Passing By<br/>1:4 - On the Road to Mandalay<br/>1:5 - My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose<br/>1:6 - The Green Hills of Somerset<br/>1:7 - Leave My Heart in an English Garden<br/>1:8 - All in the April Evening<br/>1:9 - I'll Walk Beside You<br/>1:10 - Glorious Devon<br/>1:11 - Macushla<br/>1:12 - The Mountains of Mourne<br/>1:13 - The Old House<br/>1:14 - The Yeomen of England<br/>1:15 - The Holy City<br/>1:16 - Trees<br/>1:17 - Londonderry Air<br/>1:18 - The Road to the Isles<br/>1:19 - Roses of Picardy<br/>1:20 - Old Father Thmas<br/>1:21 - The Rose of Tralee<br/>1:22 - The Changing of the Guard<br/>1:23 - Bless This House<br/>1:24 - All Through the Night<br/>


  1. The Floral Dance
  2. I Hear You Calling Me
  3. Passing By
  4. On the Road to Mandalay
  5. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose
  6. The Green Hills of Somerset
  7. Leave My Heart in an English Garden
  8. All in the April Evening
  9. I'll Walk Beside You
  10. Glorious Devon
  11. Macushla
  12. The Mountains of Mourne
  13. The Old House
  14. The Yeomen of England
  15. The Holy City
  16. Trees
  17. Londonderry Air
  18. The Road to the Isles
  19. Roses of Picardy
  20. Old Father Thmas
  21. The Rose of Tralee
  22. The Changing of the Guard
  23. Bless This House
  24. All Through the Night

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