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Several years ago Dave of Paradise became dissatisfied with what was happening in the music world. The music industry had lost it's way. The quality of he songs just wasn't there anymore. Most new groups sounded like clones of what the music industry 'thought' people should be listening to. Dave also heard comments from many music lovers. They were looking for the sounds they had enjoyed in the past, but couldn't find anywhere. Dave decided to make his own music. He started writing music people wanted. Songs that tell a story, melodic sounds, and words you could actually understand. Music had gotten off track with over-done instrumentation and vocal gymnastics. What had been lost is that the song is the 'star'. Paradise goes back to the basics of recording. The vocals are up front and personal. They are sung to fit the song, not the song to fit the voice. Listeners often comment they think different singers are doing the male vocals. They are all done by Dave,who adjusts his voice to give the song the right sound. The instrumentation is the background for setting the mood of the song, along with individual instruments taking the lead. Susie, the female vocalist, is Dave's daughter. Her voice is unique. She sounds like a combination of Janis Joplin, Gwen Stephani, and Wanda Jackson; the First Lady of Rock and Roll. Susie has been the lead singer of two successful Midwest bands. She has had the honor of being nominated for Wisconsin's 'Best Female Singer of the Year'. Recently her band Reaching Scarlet played the world's largest music festival at Milwaukee's Summerfest. Dave grew up listening to all types of music and it is reflected in Paradise. The music includes a variety of genre. He has written over 150 songs and the list continues to grow. In putting an album together every song has to earn it's place. Dave wants listeners to get their moneys worth; which means no fluff and a lot of songs. He also feels the instrumental has become a lost art and wants to include at least one per album. Paradise fills a void of the type of music many people long for. Step into our world and we will take you to Paradise.


  1. What in the World
  2. Don't Give Up
  3. Do You Miss Me
  4. One More Lie
  5. The Man in Black
  6. The Eagle Cries
  7. Music Box World
  8. I Had a Dream
  9. Hey Hey
  10. If You Want to Rock
  11. Beautiful Woman (Chris's Song)
  12. Asian Beauty
  13. Neon Lights
  14. Take Me Back
  15. Jamaica Man
  16. Love Built on Sand
  17. Little Bit Naughty
  18. Liar Liar Liar
  19. Someday (Georgia's Song)
  20. Spirit of New Orleans

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