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Eyes Of Europa


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My style of music is along the lines of Herbie Hancock,etc.It's very live electric with a jazz fusion approach so I wanted to do something that would take your on a ride.I was a rap producer and artist many years ago and I decided that it was time for me to explore something that was outside my comfort zone.I was listen to John Coltrane and Miles Davis and thought,ok.From that point I started a hugh jazz CD collection.I start studying the language of jazz through the likes of Miles and Trane.One day I was listening to Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.Now I heard the album about a million times growing up but never really paid that much attention to it.Being older I was able to really dig deep into it and man,it caught me.I also started to listen to more jazz fusion groups and the like and thought to myself,this is the direction that I will go.For years I worked hard at coming up with ideas on how to push the buttons and that is when I came up with the title 'Eyes of Europa'.This is an E.P (Extended Play).All 5 songs have their own way of taking you.From the title track 'Eyes of Europa' to Perpetual,you will that what I bring is different but also traditional in the jazz fusion world. 'Cheers'.


  1. Eyes of Europa
  2. Tubular Bells
  3. The Outer Body Experience
  4. Gravity Walk Groovin
  5. Perpetual

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