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Bna: Brand New Animal Original Soundtrack (DLX ED)


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The original soundtrack to the hit Netflix series from TRIGGER (Promare, Kill la Kill). Composed by Japanese producer and multi-instrumentalist Mabanua (Megalobox), the soundtrack is filled with neon-glowing electronica and irrepressible beats. This complete soundtrack also contains the rousing opening theme to the series, 'Ready To', sung by Sumire Morohosi (who voices Michiru in the series), and the closing theme 'NIGHT RUNNING' which features the velvet electronic and vocal textures of AAAMYYY.


  1. Alan
  2. Anima-City
  3. Anima-City (Noir)
  4. Break Out
  5. Charm and Beauty
  6. Crisis
  7. Daily Life
  8. Daily Life 2
  9. Daily Life 3
  10. Desperate Battle
  11. Emergency
  12. Emotional
  13. Fade to the Unknown
  14. Fear of Silence
  15. Fight for Pride
  16. Flight
  17. Hope
  18. In the Past
  19. Intimidate
  20. Lazy
  21. Marie
  22. Michiru
  23. Mind Explosion
  24. Mystic Rites
  25. Night Running
  26. Night Running Feat. D?esse Louve
  27. Night Running Instrumental
  28. Pursuit
  29. Pursuit 2
  30. Ready to
  31. Ready to Instrumental
  32. Rebellion
  33. Reunion
  34. Shirou
  35. Sid
  36. The Founder
  37. The March of Misty
  38. The Truth
  39. Turf War
  40. Unwavering Mind
  41. We Are Bears
  42. Wish

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